Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education is a religious degree program intended to provide those pursuing a vocation in Church schools or education ministries with a knowledge of Biblical principles, classroom management, and an understanding of educational processes with a biblical Christian worldview.

  • CED314: Introduction to Christian Education (3 credits)
  • CED334: Basics of Christian Education (3 credits)
  • CED338: An Overview of The Trivium (3 credits)
  • CED354: Philosophy & Education (3 credits)
  • CED358: Ethics in School Administration (3 credits)
  • CED424: Defense of Classical Christian Education (3 credits)
  • CED425: Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning (3 credits)
  • CED444: Christian Education in the 21st Century (3 credits)
  • CED445: Theology for Christian Education (3 credits)
  • CED465: Instructional Strategies (3 credits)

Students will also complete 30 credits of instructional experience/student teaching in a classroom environment under the supervision of an experienced teacher. These 30 credits will consist of 450 hours in the classroom.

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