Bachelor of Divinity (Graduate)

The Bachelor of Divinity is a graduate level, research-orientated program in which candidates are expected to develop and demonstrate through the writing of a dissertation, or multiple research papers, specialized knowledge of some area of biblical studies, theology, church history, or liturgy. Applicants should be aware that our ability to mentor areas of research is restricted by the specialisms of our teaching staff, so an outline of your proposed area of research should be submitted along with your application.

Applicants should have either

  1. a relevant Master’s degree, or
  2. an undergraduate degree in theology, and be prepared to embark on a course of higher studies equivalent to a Master of Arts degree – approximately 36 credit hours at 500-level – prior to commencing the research component of the degree.

The applicant’s existing qualifications should have included at least a 400-level introduction in their specific area of interest before embarking on an agreed program of research. 

The research component of the Bachelor of Divinity degree may be fulfilled either by a single dissertation of 40,000 words, or by a series of research papers not exceeding six in number, which demonstrate both original thinking, and a detailed understanding of their designated research area.    

Within Latimer Theological Institute, the B.D. is equivalent to an extended Master’s program.

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