This is a 30 credit hour program intended for those preparing for ordination as deacons in the United Episcopal Church of North America and related jurisdictions. This program includes an introduction to Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History, Apologetics, and Homiletics.

  • ANG400 – Introduction to Anglicanism (3 credits )
  • THE406 – Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3 credits )
  • BIB420 – Introduction to the Old Testament (3 credits)
  • BIB421 – Introduction to the New Testament (3 credits)
  • THE445 – Sermon Preparation and Homiletics (3 credits)
  • BIB53X – One advanced course in New Testament (3 credits)
  • HIS535 – Introduction to British Church History (3 credits)
  • THE540 – Introduction to the Articles of Religion (3 credits)
  • ANG542 – History and Use of the Book of Common Prayer (3 credits)
  • BIB56X – One advanced course in Old Testament (3 credits)

This program is intended for those who already hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. It is expected that candidates will complete the course in two-years, part-time.

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