Master of Letters

The Master of Letters (M.Litt.) is a two-year research degree. The degree requires the preparation and submission of either (a) an integrated research paper of 40,000-50,000 words, or (b) two integrated research papers of 20,000-25,000 words each. The M.Litt. is issued with a concentration in (a) Christian Education, (b) Sacred Music, or (c) Church History. The program provides a research-based approach to prepare individuals for service in Christian schools, as ministers, and directors of church music.

Each candidate will be assigned an advising tutor to assist and direct his research and to facilitate any additional student support which might become necessary. Once the student has completed the composition of the integrated research paper, it will be submitted to a panel of three individuals, no less than two of whom will be the holders of earned doctoral degrees, for academic review. The academic review panel will determine the academic merit and theological soundness of the paper. If found to be unsatisfactory, it will be returned to the student for revisions and corrections so that it may be submitted again.

M.Litt. students must maintain status as registered students at the institute for no less than 2 academic terms before they are eligible to submit a paper for academic review.

General Requirements. Applicants may apply six months before the anticipated completion of their undergraduate degree but shall not commence the program until they have completed their Bachelor of Arts or equivalent degree. They shall also comply with the course specific requirements as detailed below. Students shall fulfil at least two-thirds of the semester credit hour requirement for each program through the Latimer Theological Institute, unless granted an exemption or exception by the Faculty. The theology of any composition is expected to conform to the standards of the Anglican formularies, which, in addition to Scripture, include the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer (1662), and the two Books of Homilies. No degree shall be issued until the candidate has completed at least 6 credits of study toward that particular degree through Latimer Theological Institute.

Tuition for the M.Litt. shall be consistent with that of the Bachelor of Divinity (Graduate).

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